Welcome to a new flight flight

Who we are
We are a sales and repair management group in the aviation industry, specialized in consumables and rotables for commercial, general corporate and military applications.
Our strengths are consulting for the aviation industry, technical support, repair management of parts and equipment as well as project management (planning and development).
We differentiate from our competitors due to the complete and personalized service we provide.
Our specific strengths lie in:
 •  Knowledge and experience in the export business
•  Adapting to the needs of our clients and developing personalized solutions
•  Direct negotiations with the manufacturers
•  Strategic alliances in the US, Middle East and overseas
Above all, our commitment and guaranteed delivery of the requirements delineated by our clients.
Quality control guarantees
Our review process of cargo prior to shipment to its final destination is unsurpassed.  We verify the legal documentation required and we guarantee delivery of the equipment and parts in optimal condition.
 •  TAC 2000  (Compliant)
•  ISO 9001 (in process)
•  Cage code # 41GJ6
•  Dun & Bradstreet # 556066814
•  Authorized by the US Department for the sale of military equipment